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It all started several years ago when Dunbar became Scotland's first Zero Waste Town. When the funding ended, Simon Glover and Sue Guy set up a Social Enterprise, Miixer CIC, to ensure a legacy to the project they'd helped deliver.

Miixer CIC was all about experimenting with different retail models to maximise diversion of materials from landfill for community benefit. Over the course of 4 years Miixer trialled a variety of initiatives; selling stuff by the kilo, discretionary pricing, giving away stuff for free. Somethings worked, many didn't. 

Our guiding principles were very simple. Divert as much as possible from landfill. Sell it cheap, and if possible give it away for free. Remove as many barriers to public access of waste materials as possible. Don't charge for removals or donations to community or charitable organisations. If in doubt, be kind, and give it a go.

Once we had worked out a way to stick to our principles, pay the bills, and maximise diversions from landfill, it was time to formalise the governance of the project by establishing Reuse Scotland SCIO. 

We hope you will continue to follow our journey and adventures. We are a membership organisation and if you wish to be involved please sign up HERE.

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