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Purpose & Objectives

Reuse Scotland SCIO works with Local Authorities, corporate partners and thousands of households to keep good reusable materials out of landfill for community benefit. This is a true local circular economy in action.

Reuse Scotland aims to donate 30% of all materials received to social enterprises, charities, community groups, schools, and those suffering hardship or living in deprivation.

Surplus generated by sales through our shops is invested into covering the costs of providing free stuff to local communities and expanding the organisation into new territories. All remaining profits are distributed to local charitable groups which meet our Charitable Purposes and Objectives.

Charitable Purposes


The prevention or relief of poverty,
The advancement of education,
The advancement of environmental protection or improvement



Charity Objectives


4.1 The prevention or alleviation of poverty and inequalities through the promotion of waste as a community resource.
4.2 The advancement of education through facilitation and demonstration of the environmental, social and economic value of waste as a resource.
4.3 The advancement of environmental protection or improvement through reductions in materials to landfill.

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