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Pay What You Want

Miixer started the PWYW bookshop to try and keep valuable materials out of landfill and experiment with Consumer Led Pricing. PWYW:


  • Moves materials quickly away from landfill and back into communities.

  • Enables the marginalised to access reuse materials as the barrier of pricing is removed. 

  • Generates goodwill, and increases donations of all reuse materials, enabling a higher percentage of stock to be given away for free. 

  • Shifts considerably more problematic stock than fixed price models..


The trial PWYW Bookshop closed in June 2022 and the PWYW model was introduced in Dunbar Reuse Hub where it was such a success that it was also applied to games, toys, household essentials and many other items. 

To keep things fair we reserve the right to restrict sales of PWYW items to 5 per family per visit. This is to prevent traders and resellers from scooping up all the best stock for nothing.


To put the carbon savings into context

Books and Carbon

One book- its production, transport, and either recycling or disposal—generates about 7.5 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents


The PWYW Bookshop sells an average of 300 books per day and donates another 100 min = 400 books day:

  • 400 books x 7.5kg CO2 equivalents = 3 tonnes CO2 equivalents saved per day (1 tonne CO2 equivalents = 133 books)

  • 1 year (300 day’s trading) = approximately 900 tonnes CO2 equivalents

  • 900 tonnes CO2 equivalents = 120,000 books saved from landfill.

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